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Innovation Meets Tradition

Innovation Meets Tradition

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The roots of the fashion industry are deeply embedded in carrying forward traditional styles, designs and techniques with a blend of modernity and trend. The very beginning of innovation takes place during the intersection of tradition and modernity when the excellence of both meets and produces a better blend. The rich heritage meets the exceptional threads of contemporary creativity. One of the most beautiful creations of such infusions is the revival of bandhani sarees, not that they were ever gone.

Being the evergreen part of fashion, sarees have always been the epitome of emotions. The first drape that a girl would do with her mother’s dupatta, then the one she couldn't handle in her graduation ceremony and many others in which she finally embraces herself as a woman. Sarees have truly been a companion of women in every stage of life. No matter what era it is, when you are in confusion, of what can help you imprint your image when you walk down somewhere, sarees are something that you end up with.

Sarees are not just a traditional attire, but an emotion which everyone could resonate with. Bandhani sarees, the ones which are kept for a very long time by our grandmothers, and mothers, are the ones which are owned and later given as a heritage to carry forward for generations to come. The fun part with the modernisation of bandhani sarees is that; an ancient Indian tie and dye technique which dates back centuries has been given a new life via contemporary designers is breathing fresh air into its timeless era.

So let us break down the history, the innovation and what it serves us today as a whole:

Reviving heritage while being sustainable:

India being a multi-diverse country, has a lot to offer, especially from the fashion perspective, as each state has a traditional wear originating from them, and widespread in the country. Gujarat and Rajasthan contribute with their great cultural significance via bandhani sarees. These sarees are produced through a traditional technique where skilled artisans follow an intricate craft which involves tying fabric with many tiny knots before dying them with the colour of your choice, this results in the mesmerising pattern that we all adore in bandhani sarees.

Though bandhani sarees are meant to be evergreen the threat of them being overshadowed via modern manufacturing techniques is always there. There comes innovation, which could revive the classic patterns of bandhani sarees. This modern experimentation with colours, patterns, as well as the material of the sarees, has surely transformed them into a contemporary elegance.

While experimenting, especially in an era like today’s it is very hard to be sustainable in the fashion industry. But unlike the mass-produced usual fabrics, bandhani textiles are a beacon of sustainability as it is produced by tie and dye technique, which ensures minimum to no ecological footprint. Thus the fashion industry which is categorised as not so eco-friendly, with the steps to embrace such traditional clothing, such as bandhani sarees is not only promoting ethical sourcing but also redefining fashion’s relationship with the environment.

Celebrating Diversity along with Empowering Artisans:

The revival of the bandhani sarees has sparked emotions among everyone who loves the cultural diversity India has to offer. The saree doesn't only reflect the rich tapestry of the customs, and rituals which are deeply embedded in our traditions. But with the cultural fusion and the contemporary ideology, it is in some way or the other preserving our old culture and making the youth more curious to be connected to their roots.

As anything worn and cherished by their favourite designer or influencer is what they preach, when traditional sarees like bandhani are embraced by them, they definitely want to learn more about it. If Alia Bhatt could wear a saree at an international event like The Met Gala, where everyone is judged on what they wear, no matter who their designer is, it really would make Sarees one of our representatives in the industry. With such means, we would not just let the culture go forward with the youth but it would also help us foster cross-cultural dialogue and understanding worldwide.

One of the most important things that is helping us save the traditional knowledge of the local artisans is the utmost love that these traditional bandhani sarees get. Empowerment of the local artisans is both the cause and the effect of the populism of the bandhani sarees. And now with the collaborative approach by the contemporary designers, the local artisans are getting a peculiar platform to showcase and preserve their skills. They now know the value, the fair trade that they deserve for their hard-earned skills. Kapaas Katha ensures to promote bandhani sarees, not just to let it be the legacy for future generations but also to help the local artisans sustain their livelihoods.

Cultural Renaissance with Innovative Applications:

We can admit a shift between traditional wear with the blend of modern ethnicity, not just in clothes or in bandhani sarees but in almost everything. It's mainly about the efforts we put in to keep it all safe and intact, our tradition, our cultural history. This blend of tradition with innovative applications helps in making the bridge between the past and the future where the present lies in between.

Now the bandhani pattern is not just limited to sarees, but we can see it almost everywhere, be it the basic scarfs or in home furnishing as decor, to create that colourful vibrant pattern, the technique is used for the legacy of bandhani to be endured for generations to come. This is helping us expand the horizon of the traditional style and techniques.

 Ensuring our culture with innovation, one saree at a time; Kapaas Katha’s journey of capturing and showcasing to its audience the captivating realm of Bandhani sarees is to always remind them of the enduring power of tradition and the transformative potential of growth.

With our new collection of pure Banarasi and Gajji silk bandhani sarees, we ensure to take the culture forward always. With these heavily designed handcrafted beauties, we intend to let the ancient art form of bandhani sarees rejuvenate its timeless allure. We hope that you would equally embrace the beauty of these pure bandhani sarees and honour the legacy of those who came before us who made this tradition of weaving stories into the fabrics and giving it the significance of our shared cultural heritage.

Written by-
Kiran Joshi