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Festive Season - Sarees to wear on Karwa Chauth 2022

Festive Season - Sarees to wear on Karwa Chauth 2022

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Karwa Chauth is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Karwa Chauth kind of sets the feeling of the most celebrated festival of India- Diwali. It is like setting up the weather for the festive season.

Karwa Chauth is celebrated for good health and for the longevity of the life of the husband by married Indian women. It is celebrated with tons of enthusiasm. Women getting ready with the prettiest red saree and worshipping Karwa Mata in groups, followed by waiting for moonrise is the ritual followed religiously by them on this day. Married women are often supposed to take fast from sunrise till moonrise, and after that their better half breaks the fast with water, followed by dessert.

Though traditionally only married women used to take up Karwa Chauth for their husbands, but it's nowhere a boundation for men to not worship for the long life of their wives, right? So, now it is very likely to see both husband and wife taking Karwa Chauth. Husbands, reading this better take notes to not only take Karwa Chauth but also gift beautiful sarees to their wives.

Amidst all this, ask every Indian married woman about Karwa Chauth and her description would be gathering, food, music, celebrations, accessories and sarees. 

Sarees are one of the most loved pieces of clothing by every other Indian woman. Sarees are loved and appreciated worldwide by Indian women, and when it comes to festivals, everybody loves them a little bit more. Red sarees are considered one of the most auspicious sarees for any married woman to wear, especially on  Karwa Chauth. Because red is the colour of “suhaag”, it is a depiction of long, fruitful married life. But there are other colours as well, which are considered lucky to wear on Karwa Chauth.

We know you must be having multiple queries about what type of sarees to wear on Karwa Chauth 2022, whether they will be trendy along with following traditions or not. Be with us till the end of this blog, and you'll be amazed to have so many options for your Karwa Chauth outfit 2022!

Sarees to upscale your Karwa Chauth look this year:

  • Silk zari saree: Most women adore silk sarees with heavy zari work and also prefer it as one of their wedding looks or on occasions like Karwa Chauth. People think it old fashioned to choose a silk zari saree in 2022, but it's something like a treasure in your cupboard, a timeless one. So, it never goes out of fashion.

    Silk zari sarees are also a great gift option for anyone who is celebrating their first Karwa Chauth.

  • Bandhani sarees: If you are someone who is newly married and wants to go for an elegant look during this Karwa Chauth, then bandhani sarees will be the perfect match to meet all your requirements.

    Kapaas Katha is your one true brand that celebrates diversity in its clothing. And provide you Bandhani sarees, with ultimate quality.  The process of making this tye - and dye delicate sarees is done in Gujarat and Rajasthan. They are auspicious in their own way, they serve the purpose of any festival. And being easy to carry because of its lightweight makes it everyone’s choice.

  • Kalamkari sarees: Karwa Chauth is celebrated based on great mythology. Kalamkari sarees are a great depiction of how enriched Indian mythology is, as the elements of mythology are printed on a kalamkari saree, it also includes tons of peacock motifs in its design.

    Originating from Andhra Pradesh, it includes all the natural dyes and roughly takes around 23 steps to complete each saree. Kalamkari sarees are not only enriching when it comes to their extensive design process but are also eco-friendly, using natural mechanisms.

  • Chanderi sarees: Chanderi sarees are one of the great options, when you want to make a bold statement while dressing simply.  These elegant chanderi sarees are from Madhya Pradesh, where the locals have always put the right efforts to make you look prettier than before. Chanderi sarees come up with broad borders with geometrical, floral or peacock designs.

  • Kanjivaram sarees: Having a heavy border and pallu with all religious design going on over it, like temples and other major elements is enough to give you all the traditional and festival vibes. After all, what more would you want in a saree than this on Karwa Chauth?

    Kanjeevaram is from Tamil Nadu and is available in vibrant colours. You can definitely give it a try if you haven’t already. 

Colours to glam yourself up this Karwa Chauth:

Married women are supposed to wear red, especially if you're a newly married one, or if there is an occasion like Karwa Chauth, that basically celebrates marriage and the sheer love of the couple towards each other.

Red is also the colour of Mars, and Mars is said to be in charge of marriage. Therefore red is considered the bridal colour, also signifying fertility and prosperity.

But red is not the only colour you can wear on Karwa Chauth. No, there are many other vibrant colours to make your Karwa Chauth more colourful and cheerful. Colours like rani pink make you feel grand and glam. You can go for orange, green, and peacock colours to make yourself cheerful while having the toughest fast for your married life. 

Are you still worried about finalising your ultimate Karwa Chauth look? 

We understand you must be overwhelmed with the options you have for your “the look” this Karwa Chauth. But won’t it be easy to actually see every option available in one place and select what's best for you? 

Well, Kapaas Katha has curated a collection by the women for the women, to make traditional clothing like sarees a prominent part of this chaotic lifestyle. We have all the options -from lightweight sarees to carry the whole day, to colourful ones heavily designed to brighten your festivals a little more. 

Being an initiative to promote the local artisans, Kapaas Katha supports the made in India motto and also contributes to uplifting the environment with sustainable clothing. 

Get your ultimate Karwa Chauth look today! 

Written by-
Kiran Joshi