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Cosy Comforts: Essential Textiles for Your Winter Home Collection.

Cosy Comforts: Essential Textiles for Your Winter Home Collection.

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Last but not least, the most awaited few months of the year- winters are here. Winters come with utmost hope, hope for a better year, hope that we might have learnt something during the past going year, but another great thing that it brings are holidays, the ultimate holidays and along with it, lots of visits, lots of snuggling in the bed and what not. 

These are enough reasons that make all of us tensed about how to decorate and put our best textiles to add to the warmth, which we all would be missing, literally. It's hard but is essential to make our kid’s memories more cosy and special, to make our friends and close ones at ease, to make us all feel at home and get away from the winter chills. 

During these cold shivery winters, along with warm hugs, and hot chocolate, one thing that you definitely can't miss out on is the essential textiles for your enter collection, be it the bedsheets, or the quilts, everything not only adds charm to your winter home but also serves the purpose rightly. Winter’s chill is tempting, because it not only offers many holidays but also the year’s best time with your family, and there’s nothing more comforting and loving than surrounding us with the best people as well as the textiles.

Please Let's learn how you can make the most out of the textiles that would transform your home into a haven of warmth.

  • Luxurious bed sheet and quilt set: One of the most basic yet essential things to elevate your home styling during winter months is to add those quilted bed sheets and quilts. It's hard to find the perfect fabric, and design as it is during summer, but to maintain your aesthetics, you can choose the perfect block printed bed sheets and quilts because Kapaas Katha Home & Kid Collection has got many. Beyond their cosy attributes, these bed sheets are the perfect example of durability, and sustainability, providing an ever-lasting solution for the warmth you crave during winter. 

  • Bedcover: To make your regular blankets match the aesthetics of your whole home, you need these block printed mulmul bedcover, trust us, this would be your best investment when it comes to winter essentials, not only the prints are mesmerising give a feeling like a home but also are so comfortable that your naps would be longer, and you would have a hard time getting your kids out of the bed. These beauties are available in three different varieties: woollen bed cover, quilted bedcover, Kantha bedcover and Kashmiri bed cover. 
  • Rugs and carpets: The constant reminder of the winter’s chill is the cold floor, you must invest in those thick rugs and carpets to warm up your living space, they aren't just a great way to add that essential warmth during chilly winter but also adds a significant texture and makes it more visually appealing for every visitor that passes by, you need to be aware how and where exactly to put it, across the bed and around your favourite reading spot, or the gossip spot would be the perfect one. Rugs are also the best friends of all pets, especially dogs, so if you own any, those thick rugs, and carpets would be better gifts to your pets as well. 
  • Cushions and pillows: Cushions and pillows are necessary to enhance the sitting areas of your home, and add a flavour to it. You can play a lot and add different textures, patterns, and sizes to make it look more effortless as well as appealing. Lastly,  the season of hugs makes us all a little more kiddish and sleeping with a soft covered pillow or cushion would make that winter sleep a lot better.


  • Drape and curtains: To give the Christmas festive vibes, or the heaviest winters hold within, adding long heavy drapes and curtains to your home will definitely uplift the whole mood of your home. Go for darker colours, as they absorb the sunlight significantly, this will enhance the overall comfort of your house and will make it more cosy and comforting. Some of the best-printed cotton curtains are available in various sizes at Kapaas Katha’s Home And Women’s Collection like 5ft,7ft, and 9ft. You can have thick-lined curtains and add these cotton curtains as the decorative ones, it would be the most effortless effort to elevate your whole home.

  • Quilts and comforters: Quilts adorned with beautiful prints, like flowers, and snowflakes bring festive vibes with them. Quilts are not just a decorative essential, they serve the purpose rightfully along with being a charm to your bedroom. To celebrate the cosiness fully, check out the mulmul reversible quilts of Kapaas Katha’s Home and Kid Collection, currently available in four different sizes.

In making the collection of winter essential textiles, each piece or the fabric that you bring and set your home with plays a crucial part, because home is where you spend the time, it is where all the memories are curated forever, home is what reflects about you as an individual, home is the essence of your own warm and inviting nature.

So, to make it your and one of a kind, from adding snuggled loving bedding, and pillows to the decorative charm of our season, the quilts, let these textiles transform our homes into a place which smiles comfort and style during winter while welcoming and embracing the winter’s frosty beauty, let these essential textiles be the one which would wrap you like a cocoon of warmth and luxury and let you be the beautiful butterfly. 

To make the most out of this season’s beauty add warmth to it, by Kapaas Katha, and we are sure we would serve more than just the purpose of warmth. 

Written by-
Kiran Joshi