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Freshen Up: Quick and Easy Summer Decor Tips for Your Home

Freshen Up: Quick and Easy Summer Decor Tips for Your Home

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As the day grows longer than ever, the sun’s warmth battles the world in its golden glow and the whole air is filled with hope, a new beginning and the fragrant promise of summer blooms. It is definitely that time of the year when your home needs a seasonal revamp. Summer, being the synonym of brightness, freshness must be reflected in your home decor as well, an uplifting ambience.

From breezy textiles to natural accents, there are unlimited ways to refresh your space to give it a stylish touch. In this blog, we will not only let you know how you must incorporate the summer colours in your home decor but the small tricks that make the whole difference and change the vibe of any place. Whether you are hosting a summer barbecue or enjoying a pool day with your kids, these few decor items will definitely invigorate your home with seasonal charm.

From winter browns to summer pastels:
The core of summer vibes is in the lightness of the summer colours and therefore one of the simplest ways to freshen up your home decor for summer is by incorporating bright cheerful colours in your decor. This is the first and foremost step of summer home decor. You must swap out the heavyweight and dark-coloured textiles for lightweight hues of colours like turquoise, lemon yellow, and coral. While adding such pops of colours you can add some accent pillows, throws, and rugs to quickly brighten up your little living space. You can also consider adding some designed wallpaper or even painting an accent wall to embrace the summer share which would capture the sunny essence of it.

This summer you must embrace light and airy textiles, you can achieve this by adding texture and visual interest with natural fibre rugs or curtains of transparent fabrics, that will create a more comfy and inviting atmosphere.  

Bring the outdoors in:
Summer is essentially about enjoying and embracing the beauty of nature, the changing colour of winter from dark to the flowery colourful spring to the brightest summer. Therefore you can embrace the natural beauty of summer by incorporating elements from the outdoors into your home decor. You can add freshly cut flowers, potted plants or fresh herbs on countertops so that they just won't look all cute around your living area but will also add fresh air to your space.

You can also hang a few botanical prints or landscape paintings which would ultimately invoke a sense of tranquillity in the summer garden. On your balcony open area, you can try adding bits and pieces of natural materials like rattan, and bamboo to create a relaxed and organic vibe, and if you have a big open space there are many summer plants that can automatically enhance the whole aroma of your house.

Update Your Accessories:
During the seasonal shift, we have to change the overall accessories and looks of the house. You must remove all the heavy-weighted and coloured curtains with lightweight ones to allow the natural lift to filter into your space. You can also create a cosy sitting area in your open space with a few comfortable lounge chairs, colourful rugs and push cushions.

You have many different vibes, during the daytime. For example- you can have a coastal beach vibe with things like seashells, driftwood, and woven baskets and create a romantic one with the upcoming windy season with string lights or lanterns, which will not just illuminate your outdoor gatherings but will also become one of the main elements of your core memory of future.

If you are a bachelor reading this and want to have just a minimal laid-back home decor this summer then you can definitely go for adding playful elements like beach-themed artwork and nautical stripes to evoke that vibe.

Have the sense of summer after incorporating the seasonal scents:
Every season brings and has its own fragrance, and just by putting little effort, you can enhance your sensory experience of summer by putting some seasonal scents as a part of your home decor. The major summer vibes are with the fragrance of fresh fruits, and the sea breeze, therefore investing in fragrances, candle diffusers or even room sprays with refreshing fragrances like citrus fruits, and coconuts sea breeze to evoke the sense of summer is a must thing to do.

One of the tricks to even let your linen fabric smell the same scent is to place scented sachets in drawers and closets to infuse them with a clear and clean scent. To welcome your guests with a burst of summery fragrance consider putting a vase full of fresh flowers in your entryway as well.

Your home deserves a makeover by Kapaas Katha:
Last but not least having refreshing home decor shouldn't be a daunting task for you, it should be quite fun, if you are creating a space for yourself and decorating by putting effort into the place you would live in, then it should be a fun activity for you. The tips which we have pointed out, be it adding a splash of colours or natural accents will definitely help you capture the essence of the season. With soothing vibrant prints of Kapaas Katha’s various textiles like bedsheets, cushion covers, table linen, and bath linen, the whole home collection is so charming that it will only elevate the elegance of your home.

If you are into the aesthetic, minimal vibes, you must definitely check out Kapaas Katha’s Home and Kids collection, as the curtains, bedsheets and cushion covers are not just the most beautiful floral printed ones but are also complementary to each other. So go ahead, embrace the beauty of the season, let the sunshine in and transform your home into a summer oasis by infusing your home with the vibrant energy of summer.

Written by-
Kiran Joshi