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Unleash creativity: how to build a kid's collection that sparks imagination?

Unleash creativity: how to build a kid's collection that sparks imagination?

Kapaas Katha |

Nowadays people think it's quite overrated to put much care into your kid’s collection. To care about what things are they surrounded by, and just let it go as it goes. But didn't we all have something during our childhood that had a great significance in our life?

It might not be called and known as a collection back then. But we did have it, and we did pick up and resemble it even today in our life. Small habits, a slight effort by your parents in building your mind subconsciously, all of this show up in the later stages of life, bit by bit.

As a parent you are responsible to pass on the best habits and let your kid use the maximum of their potential, they shouldn’t just be confined to texts or the norms of society, they must have their own style and significance. Often, we circle kids to one particular thing, which we shouldn't because they themselves haven't tried enough things to find what is meant for them. This blocks the creative self of the kid which shouldn't be your goal as a parent.

Though they will try many different things when they grow up, as babies they must surround themselves with things that ignite their imagination, which helps them unleash creativity. Children are great mimics of whatever they see around them, be it their parents or things they are surrounded by, you can take care of both.

Kapaas Katha’s Home and Kid collection is a sign of what we preach, its motive is not only to help you accessorise your home with unique and comfortable articles but also to help you choose better for your kids.

You can make the perfect kid’s collection with: 

  • Quilts: As babies, they can’t move much, because they are still in the developing, growing stage, and while laying down simply their vision is only confined to those four walls, and everything in that room, most of the time.

    They must see the soothing colours as they have sensitive eyes and shouldn't be flashed with bright colours. We have kept all of this in mind while choosing the colour, fabric, the design of most of our collection, especially quilts. Simply because of how soothing it is.

    Our quilts are a perfection when it comes to comfort, the grace of fabric is utmost that it will provide the best sleep to your baby. We have made all the prints in quilt kids friendly, for them to recognise things from the world as well. We have three sizes options in quilts, baby quilts of 40*40 dimension, kids quilts of 60*40 inches, and big kids quilts, 60*90/ 90*108. Though if you get jealous of the comfort, which is quite obvious then you must check our quilt collection for adults as well.


  • Dohar: Though your kids spend most of their time, around the same room, watching the same things, every day. But whenever you get them out, to be closer to nature, to watch and embrace all of the beautiful colours of nature, the greens and the blue, which you must, you need the same kind of comfort you were providing them while being on the bed, therefore we have created Dohar.

    A miniature version of quilts, made with the same fabric of soft mulmul, and the same filling inside it as well. The only difference is that it's a lot lighter and thinner as compared to quilts, and therefore perfect to wrap your baby during a walk, or a companion during travelling as well. We have two sizing options available in dohar, kids dohar of 60*40 inches and big kids dohar of 90*60 inches.


  • Towel: Giving a bath to your little ones is no less than a task, you have to be really considerate while doing so because they do get on your nerves. The baby’s skin is quite sensitive, and it is more while bathing, any hard fabric can cause irritation to your baby’s skin, often leading to infections in most cases.

    That’s why we have soft cotton towels for them, with the perfect designs to share some giggles on. You might not want to miss them, because we have discounts going on, so grab them today.

  • Bed Sheet/cot sheet: You must choose a comfortable bed sheet for your babies, which is the bare requirement for them to dive deep into sleep, and also let them sleep peacefully. The bedsheet has all the cute printing and is 60*90 inches.

    From their manufacturing to their looks, it screams comfort and must be a part of your kid's collection as well.


  • Cushion cover: Kid’s requirements are different, a lot different from adults at least. So you need to differentiate between the needs and types of things we use on a day-to-day basis. The cushion covers we usually use for adults are incredibly aesthetically pleasing but often we comprise the softness of the material, and most of the design makes the material uneven, and not so soft.

    On the other hand, your baby can't afford to have such harsh fabric being in contact with their skin, and you can't use the bare cushion because it can pass on germs. Therefore we have made some uniquely designed cushion covers for your babies, with hand block prints including unicorn, rainbow, owl, and greenery which again ignite their imagination, and build a creative bit in themselves.

All of these kids’ collections are not just mere collections but have a vision to help a kid develop a creative self and also build a space in their hearts for all the artisans. It's easy to focus on the mainstream things, as hobbies or as a career, but when you inculcate this in your kid from the very beginning, they understand the importance of having a spark to be unique, while appreciating the beautiful results of it.

Through Kapaas Katha’s Home and Kid collection, your kid will definitely realise the potential of wide imagination, helping them in developing their own creativity.

Written by-
Kiran Joshi