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Sunshine & Style: Must-Have Pieces for Kids' Summer Wardrobe

Sunshine & Style: Must-Have Pieces for Kids' Summer Wardrobe

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With the rising temperature and the heat waves everywhere, it is time to pull off and revamp your little one’s wardrobe and let him/her be the shining star of their group, with the perfect blend of summer sunshine and style. Summers require some extra care for your little ones, be it protecting them from deadly heat waves or always choosing something long-lasting and comfortable for their body. The two essentials of summer are breezy tops and comfortable bottoms and Kapaas Katha has one of the most beautiful collections for kids that promises both fashion and functionality.

While providing both practicality as well as panache, we have curated the essentials for children’s summer fashion. The collection is highly versatile as it can easily be transitioned from chill family outings to playground fun. With a keen focus on vibrant summer colours, extremely lightweight fabrics, and summer-appropriate prints, the collection isn't just limited to summer but also lets your little ones be the centre of attention with style and flair. Let's explore such a wonderful collection altogether.

Cool and comfy tops:
The very basics of summer outfits begin with breathable and lightweight tops, which let you do anything and everything with utmost ease and comfort. Along with the texture of the fabric, you must look out for playful prints, fun graphic designs and vibrant colours. During summers, these prints prove to be versatile and can be paired with anything from shorts, and skirts to pants which is not only a good styling option but also makes it sustainable and pocket-saving for the kid’s fashion.

As the kids are ever-growing and don't really stick up to one size for long, investing in versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched with multiple options is preferred. To give them a touch of sophistication, for all the casual outings and playdates you can consider going for options like button-up shirts with hues of pastel colours or classic stripes and it will only elevate your little one’s collection.

Breezy bottoms:
When it comes to bottom wear during summer, it is all about the comfort of the babies as their little legs must get enough space in whatever they wear to perform all the stunts from their bedroom to the playground. Investing in such a variety of shorts and pants that will allow your children to move freely will always be a great deal. One of the very versatile options for such shorts is denim shorts that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion as well as the mood.

You can even try and play with your little one with all of your fashion sense, like for adding up a bohemian flair you can opt for airy shorts or culottes in breezy fabric like linen, which is a great choice for summers. These airy shorts are perfect for all the beach vacations, and if you are having some holiday parties then you can go for chinos or tailored shorts, which would give a polished look to your little ones.

Versatile sets:
The ready-to-wear versatile styles are such top-notch essentials for summer. As it hardly needs any sort of styling, it is all hassle-free as the prints, and the matchmaking all come in so handy that you just have to like a particular design or the print and all your worries vanish for your little ones. Such coordinated outfits with complementary prints and designs only make parents’ mornings a little better and carefree. For a little older kids, parents can make their little ones wear printed crop tops and high-waisted shorts which would be perfect for summer outings.

Nights during the summer are the most dreadful ones, they will either be breezy or really tough to tackle with but to make it less of a headache and more pleasing, you can definitely look for some breezy comforting night suit with Kapaas Katha. The matching night suits should definitely be on your wishlist.

Things to consider while choosing the right ready-to-wear playful summer collection are: 

  • Vibrant prints and patterns: Vibrant prints and patterns are not just essential for summer but also are necessary to have a distinct personality of someone’s own, just like adding a pop of personality to your child’s summer wardrobe. There are tons of options to choose from like from tropical flower prints to bold strips, these ones definitely uplift the spirit of summer and embrace the exact essence of summer. As almost every kid looks the same because they can’t really dress themselves, it is solely the parents' duty to have their children’s style top-notch so that they can thank their parents after a decade or so.
  • Some must-have accessories for summer: Any summer outfit is not complete without the perfect summer accessories. The sun’s UV rays are quite harmful, especially for your kids. So you must invest in some good sunscreens and a wide-brimmed hat that will keep their face protected which would also help them be stylish along with being protected from sun rays. Along with these, having a full round pair of sunglasses is also a necessity, not only will it give the summer look, but your little one’s eyes will thank you later for how soothing it felt. Last but not least you can finish off the whole attire with sneakers or sandals suitable for all-day wear and it is done.

Let your little one rock this summer;

These were some basic versatile styling outfits for summer essentials for your kids. It will be easy for you to style them as well as for them to be in those comfortable as well as chic clothes. To make their summer nights the most comforting ones without letting the clothes irritate them, you must check out the kid’s night suit collection on Kapaas Katha’s Home and Kids collection, available for one-year-old to 15-year-olds. You can check the collection today and if you don’t get your ideal size you can preorder  as well. If your little one is around 4–7 years old, let them wear something that feels like skin.

That's how you curate the perfect stylish, breezy outfit for all your little one’s summer adventure. With Kapaas Katha’s ready-to-wear kids sets, the lazy summer days and dreadful nights will never be the same. Let your kids experience the same this summer.

Written by-
Kiran Joshi