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Quilts vs. Dohars: Understanding the Differences and Choosing the Right Bedding for Your Needs

Quilts vs. Dohars: Understanding the Differences and Choosing the Right Bedding for Your Needs

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In an era like this, where no matter how much we glorify the hard work, and the constant efforts to make ourselves like none other, it's the peaceful sleep that we crave the most and to be honest, it is the one that makes all the difference in how we function as a person, therefore the quest of a peaceful sleep includes a lot of things, one of them is the right bedding sets, among the flood of options available to us, two of the lot makes the place of themselves fulfilling almost everybody needs, i.e Quilts and Dohars. And if you have been scrolling around, being confused, sit back as you have arrived at the perfect place.

Being the perfect combination of aesthetics as well as comfort, these two dominate our hearts and often leave us confused as to which one to go for during the cosy winters. In the upcoming read you would be informed about both of them, based on their speciality, functionality and what makes them unique from one another.

The cosiness of quilts:

Being the synonym of comfort and simplicity, quilts are generally the traditional blanket having multiple layers consisting three main elements, the top fabric, the filling or batting in between and thereafter the backing fabric. The top most layer is often the decorative, designed one and so is the last one to cover it all and synchronised them together. The padding is made up of cotton, and Kapaas Katha’s Home and Kid Collection’s quilts have the softest padding which lets you have the cosiest naps, our designs over quilts are top notch which rightly showcases the craftsmanship of our local artisans.

There are  many advantages of using a quilt especially during the chilly nights of winter, they are extremely versatile, have extensive durability, provide warmth as its basic feature and definitely fall right into the place for providing aesthetics.

We have an extensive range of colours and patterns that would make you go wow and let you express your own aesthetics and transform your sleep into the synonym of relaxation.

Quilted love, Dohars:

Dohars being the literal example of comforters, make their position such graceful because of the warmth and cosiness they add to our lives, with a layer added to itself.

So to break it down to you, dohars are much simpler when it comes to their construction. The light filling in between two fabrics not necessarily be cotton, made any soft linen material or fabric, usually the top layer is designed one and the bottom one is plain, the main key difference between a quilt and a dohar is that the quilt is quite thicker when it comes to providing the warmth and its overall structure. Dohar can be your perfect partner while sitting on a couch , watching a movie so that you can be at peace.

This comfortable dohar isn't just to provide us warmth, but also to enhance the living experience oneself, it's typically a visual fest to enhance all your aesthetics of the bedroom.

If we are just differentiating on the basis of which would provide us more warmth, then it is definitely the quilts, they take the lead because of the extra padding. At Kapaas Katha’s Home and Kid Collection, you do get a set of both bed sheet and quilt set, which makes it an easy choice for you to have the same designed bed sheet and quilt hence maintaining and elevating all the aesthetics of your bedroom.

If you are still confused about which one to go for among quilts and dohar, then let us point out some factors that would help you make the point decision easier. 

  • Climate: Climate is an important factor if it's summer, or you are in a place that doesn’t get much affected by winters, you should go for dohar, as it is not only lighter but also more breathable. On the other hand, quilts will be the best consideration to add insulation to your much-needed body during the chilly nights of winter.
  • Layering style: Dohar can be the perfect essential for your layering during all the seasons as they are thinner, more relaxing, and flexible which helps you have blankets, and quilts over them and still won't get out of your comfort zone. Quilts on the other hand are complete on their own, being this thick makes them enough for themselves and eliminates any other option for winters.
  • Maintenance and care: This could be one of the essential factors as it depends on how well-maintained you keep your blankets and bedsheets. But both dohar as well as quilts require a certain level of maintenance as they both provide us extreme comfort, and it is necessary to keep a check on them. You can easily dry clean them and you will be good to go.
  • Aesthetics: It is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to choosing the essentials for your bedroom, a Quilt or even a Dohar must match the whole aesthetics or the vibes of your room, otherwise it would just look disorganised. However, lucky you, because Kapaas Katha’s Home and Kid collections have both Quilts as well as Dohars available in the most elegant patterns as well as colours and would definitely light up your whole bedroom.

These were not only the specialities of Quilts and Dohars but also included what features would be the deal breaker for you, this blog regarding your whole dilemma of Quilts vs Dohars is absolutely to not promote any competition of one being superior or better than the other, but a simple comparison which would let you decide what suits you, fulfils your necessities and match your aesthetics. The one that aligns with your preferences should be your go-to option.

You must invest your time while researching and exploring different options, while considering the climate of your place, understanding how much maintenance each type of bedding will require and whether or not you could fulfil it. This will let you have the most perfect combination for your bedroom and a secret towards the most peaceful sleep as well.

At last what you choose whether it's the utmost cosiness of Quilts or the comforter Dohars, choose it wisely as it will be the key differentiator for your better lifestyle. Though Kapaas Katha’s home and kid collection has some unique bedding sets, which include bed sheet and quilt sets as well as bed sheet and dohar sets, this makes them stand out as even though you can always buy them all individually but having this precise set which would be the aesthetical options for you is such a blessing, especially in a dilemma when everything seems like a great option.

Last but not least have a look at these elegant block printed bedding sets collection as it can be a perfect New Year gift option as well, only at Kapaas Katha’s Home And Kid Collection.

Written by
- Kiran Joshi