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5 Reasons Handloom Silk Sarees Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

5 Reasons Handloom Silk Sarees Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

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5 Reasons Handloom Silk Sarees Will Never Go Out Of Fashion:

No matter how many fancy restaurants you go to, and how many varieties of food you encounter. But there is something about handmade, homemade food, which you would crave even after anything. Handloom silk sarees are the essence of Indian clothing, which has its unique place forever. No matter what trend is going as fast or even fad one, handloom silk saree are the safest yet most classic options to go to, when you have been brainstorming the dress for every other function. 

A saree will definitely be your rescue. Be it a party, a wedding function, or even an important office meeting. A designed hand-loomed silk saree can let you have a strong, one of a kind aura which is not only impressive but unmatchable and unbeatable. Let's give you that mesmerizing look with a kapaaskatha's hand-loomed designed silk sarees. Because we along with the comfort of looking effortlessly elegant will also let you carry the charm.

Each handloom saree is different from one another. Not even the two hand-loomed silk saree can compete with each other. Each one of them is designed, and curated to serve a purpose. Purpose: To enhance your beauty. Still not convinced to have multiple handloom silk sarees in your wardrobe?

Below are 5 reasons why handloom silk sarees will never go out of fashion, to make your closet full of many:

Rich fabric, curated with the love and hard work of native weavers:

In an industry, where fast fashion is quite everything and you witness every other brand settling up big industries to make things work faster and easier. Handloom sarees are something that is weaved by the human hands themselves. It takes so much effort, love, and years of experience to make a handloom saree, which you can wear with the same effort, and pass through generations with love. 

This is one of the main reasons why handloom saree can excite most people. It's the process behind it. The process of not only placing an order and getting it in a week or so. But the process of native artisans, who are fighting every day to preserve Indian traditional clothing. 

It Makes you look exquisite:

An Indian handloom saree is not just restricted to draping it in a traditional way. You can experiment with it so much. Enhancing your look, as an Indo western with a top you love and draping the pallu in front. It gives you so many different looks, just at the price of a handloom silk saree. Though saree should be your option, over any other dress or lehenga. Be it typing and pairing up with a kurta and dhoti or a mere dupatta, handloom silk saree will never disappoint you. And if you're in the mood to go a little quirky, you can always drape the same saree into a lehenga to spice up your dressing game. 

A handloom saree is just like wine, getting better with age, and will serve you as per your requirement irrespective of your age! So, grab one of the best handloom cotton saree online at kapaaskatha. 

Versatile, easy to carry:
As a little girl, you would always be excited to drape a saree, just like your mother or grandmother, and carry it as flawlessly as they do. It was a dream for many of the girls. But as we grow up, few people find it hard to carry. But even after that, when you ask them whether they are bored with a saree or not. The answer is likely to be no!

A handloom saree is much more than just some creative, artistic looks. There are so many options available on kapaaskatha itself like bandhani, kanchipatt kalamkari - all of them in handloom silk fabric. So, be the showstopper with the most versatile handloom silk saree. 

One of the many other reasons why you must be intrigued to buy a handloom silk saree is how nature friendly they are. In an era, where everything is so easily done with tons of chemicals, and hazardous machines especially in the clothing industry, handloom silk sarees are that 1% left, that uses the minimal chemical dyes. Most of the  colour you see and wish to be on your handloom silk saree is derived partially from natural ingredients like flowers, turmeric etc. They are not used not only for the prints but to colour the fabric itself. 

It's high time, we must think and get concerned about our environment. And getting something that doesn't affect nature and in fact, contributes to it in so many ways, is such a wise choice! It's a win-win for both your body and nature. 

Iconic fashion statement:
Being one of the most respected parts of the whole textile industry, we hope you must have already witnessed how great, rich and impressive the handloom saree industry is. Not only because of how they look. But also because of what goes behind making them, and ultimately what results come from it. How the very handmade handloom cotton silk saree makes women feel. The grace with which the women flaunt it is the win of artisans and weavers themselves. 

These handloom silk sarees can be designed in so many ways, for you to settle an iconic fashion statement. Be it on auspicious occasions and even on not so traditional events. It can be your style statement. Talking in trendy words, just won't make you look chic but also gives a strong impression of who you are. 

We at kapaaskatha make sure you get the curated design of the native artisans from different parts of the world, depending upon their speciality. Our native weavers, make sure that each thread and zari work is stitched with as much love as you get while wearing them. Have it in as many designs, and prints as you want. The options are endless and enough to fill up your wardrobe. 

Don't just settle for something mainstream, rather stand out by owning and flaunting your Indian traditional clothing in multiple ways. Drape the perfectness you were wishing for with kapaaskatha’s designed handloom silk sarees.

Written by-
Kiran Joshi