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Choosing the perfect saree for your wedding day

Choosing the perfect saree for your wedding day

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Wedding seasons are the ultimate call for celebration. But isn't it also chaotic for the bride to make sure she outshines everyone with her ultimate bridal look?

The much-awaited wedding season is around the corner, and if you are someone who has gone through hundreds of sarees and still cannot finalise your bridal look. Then, this blog is curated just for you with tons of blessings. 

In our Indian society, girls are nourished and brought up in such a way that they look forward to attending and getting ready for weddings with utmost effort. Maybe it's the joy of looking pretty with traditional clothing, or maybe the Bollywood's obsession over glorifying the typical Indian weddings, or maybe it is about food, most of the time. But there is something about weddings which excites all of us. We are sure, you must have looked forward to this day. If not from the very beginning, then maybe from the time when you found someone worth imagining your future with. 

But, is planning and organising a whole wedding as easy as it is to think about? No, planning is hard, execution is harder and choosing the perfect wedding outfit is the hardest. With celebrities already making the minimal look fancy and in trend. It's quite genuine to be overwhelmed as to what and what you should not look for in your wedding outfit. 

Well, saree is something that just doesn't ever go out of trend. It's a traditional token of love and gratitude passed with deep affection. Choosing a saree as your wedding outfit gives you so many options for styling. Wear it as traditionally you want, drape it as a lehenga or in whichever way you like. Saree is one of the most elegant and versatile options one can go for as their wedding outfit. 

But is that all you need to know while finalising and locking the look you'll be carrying and showcasing pictures for another lifetime? No, right?

So, let us get into the details, of what you must be looking for while choosing the perfect saree for your wedding day:

Type of fabric:
Silk sarees hold a special place in everybody’s heart when it comes to a wedding saree. Why not? It has such a rich history of being one of the most exceptional fabrics, and of course, the designs and zari work add to it. The Banarasi silk sarees have made their ultimate comeback, and nowadays most brides are going for them, which are beautifully crafted by the native artisans of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. 

Though, if you want to try something beyond silks, there are many other options available at Kaapaskatha like- Georgette banarasi bandhani saree, handloom Kanjeevaram kalamkari saree, etc.

Because we believe that your wedding saree must be one of a kind and something which complements your beauty and blush of ‘The day’. Choosing the right kind of fabric is one of the most important aspects, as you have to wear and carry it for hours, and it should be something you are comfortable in.

Pink, red, and maroon are considered the bridal colours. But it's your wedding and you are the bride, so you are free to choose whatever colour you want to.

Though wearing red is considered auspicious, it has its reasons. The red colour represents prosperity and fertility. Brides are supposed to wear red to somehow reflect the image of Durga Maa, the strong strengthened Indian goddess.

Every colour has some other significance. So, along with feeling pretty inside, you must feel beautiful from an external appearance as well. So, go for neutrals if that makes you more confident. Wear any colour with grace and you're good to go.

Choose a colour that compliments and admires your body type, the jewellery you choose. A colour that you own. Because your wedding saree will not only represent you as a person. But also a gist of how you want to start your married life.

The bridal blouse is one of the most talkative topics of the wedding itself. The sensation that alone a blouse can create is unbeatable. So, if you are stressing over the perfectness of your blouse, then calm yourself down as it is natural and very okay to feel overwhelmed.

There are many options available when it comes to designing your blouse. Like choosing the same or complete contrasting colour from your saree. Something that goes along with your saree. Silk sarees with printed blouses look stunning. But, If you are going for a saree that is heavily designed or embroidered then go for a subtle blouse and vice versa.  

Choose a breathable fabric for your blouse. If you're planning on wearing heavy jewellery then go for deep-cut blouses. If you're brought up by watching and romanticising over a ton of Bollywood movies, then design a classic deep neck with a Dori blouse, it hardly ever goes out of style and flaunts it like any Indian actress. 

Consider all these things while locking up your final look, and you'll shine brighter than any lights or flowers on your special day. 

Though it's natural to get last-minute thoughts about your wedding outfit. Take your time, find what suits you and your body type the best. Kapaaskatha has the most elegant collection of handloom silk saree you can have online, to make your wedding shopping a little less hectic. We, with our handloom silks sarees, would be blessed to serve you on your special day. 

Last but not the least, when you try on the ultimate saree you want to flaunt on your big day, then you would just know it! You would know that- that’s the one, in which you want to get married and start a new chapter of your life altogether. 

Because, it will be much more than just a piece of clothing, like any other. It will be your transition clothing to a young strong married woman. Most importantly, don't forget you enjoy yourself in that bridal look and spread the glam all along the aisle. 

Written by-
Kiran Joshi