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Artisanal charm for Everyone: handcrafted block-printed bags

Artisanal charm for Everyone: handcrafted block-printed bags

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Bags are one of the most crucial essentials of our day-to-day life. They make our lives so seamless to manage via carrying all our necessities and hence are important no matter which age group we belong to or what we really do. It's essential for all people of all professionals. Be it the laptop bag, the one in which you carry your lunch or a pouch inside your big shoulder bag which helps you distinguish and organise better.

Bags are necessary for all of us as it is not only helpful every now and then but also add a precious element to our whole outfit and ultimately uplift it. As kids, things like bags, lunch boxes etc used to excite us the most because they were the only way to feel quite unique when it came to going to school, something that helped kids to find an identity within those same school dress, therefore bags have been a part of our life since then and continued to be one.

Kapaas Katha’s home and kid collection is not only to give diverse options to uplift your home and kid's essentials but also to promote our local artisans, who curate all these bags through handcrafted block printing. These artisanal charms will not only help you and your little ones to stand out, but they will uplift the whole local artisan’s community and also aware your little ones to develop gratitude towards the sheer effort of curating these handcrafted things.

Being handcrafted, we promise the utmost quality with long-lasting durability and vibrant design. Hence we have multiple options in bags, of which you can have a glance of:

  • Toiletry bag/pouch: Compact to carry yet wide enough to hold your toiletries, this is the perfect pouch to carry all your toiletries. Being a quilted pouch, with such detail this one will keep all your essentials in one place without the contact of any moisture at all, keeping everything safe and secured. The toiletry bags/pouches are available in multiple sizes- small, medium, large and also as a set of all 3, you can book yours accordingly. 
    Toiletry Pouch
  • Vanity bags: We know how much you have craved for the everyday vanity pouch, well we have a mini quilted bag that covers almost anything on your vanity- definitely a dream come true. The space over the top of it makes it perfect to carry around making it exceptionally the one.
    Vanity Bag

  • Kids backpack: As a kid our best friends would be our favourite cartoon character or superhero, and we often wanted them to be with us wherever we go, like over our backpacks. It is very innocent to feel such a way as a kid, but the durability of such bags is a hassle to deal with.

    Whereas, our kid's backpacks tick all the necessities not only with vibrant, entertaining handcrafted block prints but also with high durability which makes them perfect for your little ones. It's not only spacious but also lightweight which makes it easy to carry for them as well.
     Kids BackPack
    Kids Backpack Small

  • Diaper/multipurpose bag: As adults and especially as parents, we all need a spacious soft shoulder bag, which makes it easy to carry all our and the kid's requirements. Something, that will help to manage everything. This multipurpose bag definitely is the most purposeful one. You can keep the toiletries and vanity bags inside it, to manage everything nicely and separately.

  • Stroller organiser bag: A Strollers bag is something that can be attached to the stroller itself and can be carried around anywhere easily. This quilted one is quite large and can fit almost everything of your need. The shape is quite unique which helps it stand out and makes a must-purchase as well. 
    Stroller Bag

  • Laptop sleeves cover: Needless to mention but it's quite vital to take care of the things that play a crucial role in your life. One of them is your
    laptop. It's quite common to be highly attached to it as well.

    But when it is that important, you must be taking it everywhere, and therefore you must need a laptop cover to protect it. A soft quilted laptop sleeve which makes our laptop give such bohemian vibes.

    That sounds like such a catch! And to be honest, it really is. They are available in three different sizes which cover mainly 13,14 and 15 inches. Make your laptops look prettier today!
    Laptop Sleeve


  • The crossbody bag: Fanny/cross-body bags have always been in trend since 2021, everybody was having something either around their waist or around their body. Even people were using and flaunting shoulder and sling bags as crossbody bags, mainly because of how instantly easy it becomes to carry them anywhere and everywhere you want.

    Our crossbody bags are perfect to add a little funk to your whole apparel. You can carry your wallet, mobile phone and other essentials inside it easily.
    Crossbody Bag


Kapaas Katha Home and Kid Collection: Your one-stop to add that artisanal charm.

We all know how important it is to spread awareness about the local artisans, especially in this economy. It is not only affordable but also motivates the artisans to keep their art alive because there are people to appreciate it.

Therefore adding these local artisanal charms to your and your little one's life will not only make them obsessed with such colourful and soft prints but they will also understand and appreciate how art works, and what it takes to be an artist. Let them learn that all the utilities they have and use on a daily basis is made, and curated by the hands of people with a heart full of love. The goal is not just to add the artistic touch to your little one's heart but to grow a generation that appreciates both the art as well the artist.

At Kapaas Katha’s home and kid collection, we thrive through this motto and try to follow it as religiously as possible. Help us Uplift the local artist with a purchase today.

Written by- 
Kiran Joshi