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Handblock printing: The traditional way to make fabric patterns

Handblock printing: The traditional way to make fabric patterns

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Home is curated with love, with effort. Efforts of including every small detail which highlights a version of you. Like, something with which every family member can resonate. Each room has its aesthetics. The colour you chose for the wall, the paintings or the quotes you put somehow defines yourself and your vibes.

One of the major parts of the room is often a bed. A bed where you lie down with thousands of thoughts, and dreams. A place where you share most of your emotions, as much as you can at least. So, when a bed is such an essential part of your journey in growing as yourself. Then caring and treating your bed with beautiful bedsheets is a must.

A bedsheet holds so many moments, be it the nasty fight of siblings or the much needed peaceful sleep in the softest bed sheet. Everything has such a deep connection with bedsheets. So when you find your bed sheets so special, finding the best one is a task.

Well, to make it a little easier for you, kapaaskatha has its home collection, where we hand block printed bed sheets, made with love. Handblock Printing is an old manual technique. It is completely done by hand. There are wooden blocks with different designs, and then it is imprinted on the bed sheet. Sometimes, to make one print, the artisans even have to use multiple small wooden blocks, depending upon the pattern they design and the length of the fabric as well. The fabric chosen is also excreted and made from all the natural fibres, claiming authenticity. The designs are usually inspired by the rich Mughal engraving and thus are so detailed. It is a slow and smooth process, giving it years of lifeshell. Having the overall process by hands, it is clear that your bed sheets are made with feelings and not with any machine.

We believe in such old age techniques because we know the value of anything handmade in such an artificial world, let alone making a whole bedsheet is a matter of a great deal for sure. Kapaaskatha has a variety of premium hand block printed bedsheets like-

  • King size (108*108 inches)
  • Queen size (90*108 inches)
  • Single bedsheet (60*90 inches)

Believe it or not, hand block printed bed sheets are a must in any household. Still not convinced enough?

Let us give you some more reasons:

Nature friendly: Hand block printed bed sheets are made with hands, as the name suggests not only the design or pattern on the bed sheets but that wooden block as well. And this is how none of the machines is involved, protecting the environment. The wooden blocks in which the designs are engraved are also a one-time procedure, and that one wooden block can be used for many years, having the top-notch quality.

Minimalistic aesthetics:
A home is a place where you want to feel calm, composed, and away from all the world affairs. So, bringing up things to develop that feeling of calmness, bedsheets are one of the major aspects of it. When you add something minimalistic, with peaceful colours, it somehow affects your behaviour changes and the way you work. It simply affects your productivity. These premium hand block printed bed sheets can speed up your productivity.

Budget-friendly: You are likely to buy something of a slightly higher price if it has more shelf life in general. So, instead of spending tons on bed sheets that won't even last a season, you would invest in bedsheets that pass through years, and sometimes even through generations. There is that one hand block printed bed sheet that is the most authentic one and is used only with, around either special guests or on special occasions. So, make your investment with kapaaskatha’s home collection. 

Support local artisans: Most people are so dependent on machines, and new technologies and yes, indeed technology is making our life easier, but in all of the quickness it has given us, We have forgotten the meaning, the true meaning of getting results after a long slow process, the hard work it depicts, the gestures included and ultimately the emotions it evolves. Yes, a bedsheet can have all of these, if you would ever witness how a hand block printed bed sheet is made. To buy a hand block printed bed sheet from kapaaskatha’s home collection is to support the very few yet most talented native artisans of India. As, we do our best to find them, and provide the best for our clients.

We all have bittersweet memories with our bed sheets cause we do spend our alone time with them mostly, so to make your memories even more pleasant and beautiful, grab these hand block printed bed sheets today!

Written by-
Kiran Joshi