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Why are Handloom silk sarees so special to Indian women?

Why are Handloom silk sarees so special to Indian women?

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The word that instantly comes to mind when you hear “saree” is definitely India. Crazy,  how they reflect each other. It's basically like both of them resonate with each other, India being the synonym for traditional clothing.

Of course, One of the greatest blessings to the clothing sector from India, and its tradition is handloom sarees. India is the very origin of sarees after all. It has truly blessed the world with different types of sarees like Banarasi, kanjivaram and whatnot. Kapaas Katha has taken the responsibility to let every other woman feel delighted with various types of sarees handpicked from different parts of the nation.

Truly,  Sarees are that powerful piece of clothing that not only makes you feel beautiful but also empowers you at the same time. It could be because of how vibrant options we do pose in sarees, but also because how sarees were considered the one also worn by goddesses, and thus just by knowing the fact that goddesses adored saree, makes you feel connected with your roots as well. It's strange how knowing the history, and the right clothing for yourself can make you feel so much more alive than before.

Nowadays, with fast fashion, not only the industry but also the environment is suffering a lot. All of the clothes that go out of trend, also go out to waste and thus pollute the whole nation.  

Well, the sensible youth is promoting sustainable clothing. Not only for their once-in-a-year expensive clothes but also for their day-to-day regular ones. Handloom sarees are one such example of that. With the process of weaving on a shuttle pit loom, entirely made up of raw ropes, handloom sarees are curated with intense hard work, affection and care. And it surely does deserve every bit of appreciation.

Handloom silk sarees are made by weavers with their hands themselves. Sometimes, the whole family contributes to shaping that 6 yards of beauty, from a thread to something you can carry on your most special day. Everything is done by themselves with utmost care and respect.

Handloom sarees come in many options but are often confused by people for not having enough pieces to choose from. Lets clear that skepticism today:

Banarasi sarees:

Ohh, the good old banarasi sarees!

But aren't they available only in silk?? Let's break this myth of yours today. Banarsi sarees are available in many hand-loomed fabrics like georgette, cotton etc. this availability of banarasi sarees in all types of fabric and elegant zari work makes it perfect for all seasons and occasions. Be it summer or winter, a mere family gathering or a grand party, the banarasi saree will never be worn for any event of your life.

Though, the banarasi handloom silk saree is most preferred by women for their special days. It can be everything, from a bridal saree to a wonderful gift option to anyone beginning a new phase of their life. A handloom silk sarees passes the love of not only the person gifting it but also of the weavers who spend hours, days and weeks making it.

Banarsi Georgette Bandhani Saree

Kanjivaram sarees:

Kanjivaram sarees are classic examples of how enriched Indian tradition is. Kanjivaram sarees are basically originated from Tamil Nadu and are adored by almost every age group of women as an ethnic piece of clothing.

Kanjivaram has such a rich history, each thread is soaked in rice water and dried up individually before the weaving process to make it strong and one of a kind. With the attractive contrasting colour combination and heavily designed pallu, kanjivaram sarees are worth every single penny because of the high production cost requires. Like, the making of silk, and also because of including silver in those very saree threads. 

Kanjivaram kalamkari saree

Chanderi sarees:

Popularised by the name of the small town it originated, chanderi sarees are loved by every single ethnic wearer. With its quirky design of coins to peacocks, chanderi sarees have managed to gain the attention and love of all.

Chanderi sarees are weaved through the technology of warp and weft. It results in one-of-a-kind chanderi silk sarees. Also, the motifs and designs on the chanderi saree are also weaved through needles. This much hard work behind making a saree which you can slay all day is commendable.

Having such a rich history of hard work, and the detailed process behind each saree curated and weaved by Indian artisans is truly inspiring. Maybe it’s just a piece of clothing for you until you actually know and respect the process behind making it.

Handblock Print Ajrakh Chanderi Saree

Elevate the weaver’s economy with kapaas Katha:

By now, you must have already known so much about the one sole reason behind the handloom sarees, the weavers. The handloom industry is one of the leading ones in uplifting the nation’s economy after the agriculture sector. The handloom industry has maintained its position throughout pre-independence. Now, even the government is setting up multiple things to ensure that the industry meets its requirements and thus contributes to its growth.

Kapaas Katha is a beautiful medium to connect the art of highly skilled weavers to the one who actually supports and adores it. It started with the enlightening vision of three beautiful ladies to support and promote the local specialities of India globally. At kapaas Katha, you can find the best handloom silk sarees at reasonable rates online with top-notch quality. All the products are made by native artisans and thus every piece you wear and flaunt directly contributes to the upliftment of our hardworking weavers.

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Written by-
Kiran Joshi